Marijuana for Anxiety

Medical marijuana has long been used in treatment of psychiatric disorders like anxiety, mental problems and mood irregularities. All of these medical conditions have an effect on the way a person thinks, feels and acts and also most of these actions will always be adversely affected. The anxiety problems induce an intense feeling of grief and also lead to loss of interest in pleasant activities. As long as this health problem cannot be made better by change of lifestyle, exercising and daily diet or even by counseling, it is best to ensure that you get remedy with medical treatment from the negative effects.

Marijuana for PTSD

Panic Disorder is an anxiety problem which is portrayed by sudden and recurring episodes of intensive fright along with physical symptoms that comprise of chest pain, heart palpitations, and breathing difficulties, dizziness, and also abdominal problems. People with anxiety problem sometimes have feelings and thoughts of panic that strike unexpectedly and frequently without caution with an imminent feeling of tragedy or inability to be in control.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety problem that could possibly build up after subjection to a shocking event or even a situation whereby a serious physiological damage happened. Aggravating incidents that can potentially set off PTSD comprise of hostile personal assaults, natural or human-caused problems, injuries, or military combat. Sufferers of PTSD might have repetitive horrifying thoughts and memories, suffer from insomnia, appear disconnected or numb and also be easily absentminded.

Medical cannabis is a powerful and effective anxiety-relieving agent, features minimal adverse reactions and a lot of sufferers report that it does work more effectively for their anxiety disorders compared to prescribed medications.

History of Cannabis use and PTSD

The first recognized reference to the consumption of cannabis for the alleviation of anxiety dates back to 1500 BC in India. In more recent cases, an 1860 Report of the Ohio State Medical Committee on Cannabis Indica affirmed that:

“As a calmative and hypnotic, for all kinds of nervous agitation and cerebral excitement, this can be a vital agent, because it provides none of the operational derangements or sequences that make most of the more customary treatments undesirable.”
Researchers currently realize that a cannabinoid molecule often called cannabidiol, or CBD, is responsible for most of the cannabis’ anxiety-relieving effects. CBD, similar to the popular cannabinoid THC, is just one of over 100 similar molecules present in the cannabis plant. CBD was basically proven to influence natural receptors that can be located in our nervous system called the CB1 receptors. Though they didn’t understand why but in 1860, the Ohio State Medical Committee mentioned that Indica strains of cannabis are more convenient and effective in dealing with anxiety simply because Indica strains come with higher levels of CBD than Sativa strains.

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